Pages 81 – 120 (#183-249)

187. Modify a Vector Object

189. Emptying a vector Object

194. Move the Text on a Path

196. Text with soft Edge

200. Highlight a scanned or photographed Text

204. Apply a scanned Text or Logo to an Image

205. Draw a colored Rectangle around a Text

209. Fine tune the Space between the Letters

213. Inside Gradient

215. Text embedded in the Image

216. Text applied to a Texture

217. Delete Text on an Image while keeping the Background

219. Create a Script without knowing how to code, in one Lesson

221. Adding a Geotag to old Photos

224. Modify the Blue of the Sky

225. Double Exposure

227. Merge Photos Side by Side

228. Changing the Color of a Vehicle

230. Brighten a Photo that is too dark on one Side

231. Create a blurry lateral Background

233. Apply the same Corrections to multiple Photos

234. Adding a Border to an Image

236. Multiply an Image

237. Repeat an Image on an A4 Sheet of Paper

238. Banknote for Board Game

239. Black and white Image with a color Element

240. Correcting an Image by the Histogram

241. Place four Images in the Corners

243. Assembling multiple Photos into a single Photo

245. Correcting the dull Brightness of an Image

246. Round Corner Label

247. Recreate the PaintShop Pro 2018 Home Screen

249. Correction of “Red Eyes” of Animals